Do you want results or do you prefer price?

Clinicas Den Financiacion

Remember that when it comes to health, cheap can be very expensive.

At Clínicas Den we work with the sole objective of achieving the best and long term results.

In our clinic we receive patients with sad consequences after having been treated in “low-cost” centres. Is it much better, and in the long run cheaper, to have a single treatment with qualified specialists, in a reliable center and with the latest technologies?

A place where you know at all times what is going to be done, who is going to do it, how it is going to be done and where you will always be accompanied by the same faces throughout your treatment.

We are aware that sometimes the treatments indicated for your case may involve a significant economic effort.

For this reason, we work tirelessly to improve our processes, to evolve technologically, to increase our knowledge and to ensure that you smile and never have to return for the same problem. This is the best guarantee.

In Clínicas Den we do not work directly with mutual insurance companies, the reasons are several, but they are centered in the fact that for us the quality of the result and the welfare of our patients are ahead of any other aspect.

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The best financing!

Our team of patient care and administration will help you in the procedures to benefit in whole or in part, this depends on each insurance, the appropriate bonus in each case.

All our treatments can be financed, ask in administration and we will explain the process and everything you need to benefit from the best financing.

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