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Why is endodontics important?

Endodontics is a treatment to remove the dental pulp for the subsequent sealing of dental cavities. Thanks to this, the patient preserves the pieces avoiding the extraction and the pain caused by the infection.

This is a treatment that we carry out in cases with irreversible lesions, such as deep caries affecting the nerve, teeth with pulpitis, dental trauma or hypersensitivity to cold and / or heat.

Our endodontic treatment in Barcelona

The following is a step-by-step description of the endodontic treatment that we carry out in our clinic in Barcelona.


The best result begins with an accurate diagnosis. In Clínicas Den we have the most effective technology that gives us the comfort and speed needed to analyze each case.

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Local anesthesia

Once we have determined the diagnosis, and after communicating it to our patient, we prepare the area to be treated. We apply local anesthesia, which we carry out according to each case and type of patient.

Access and removal of the pulp

We access the nerve of the dental piece through a perforation to extract the pulp and disinfect the ducts through which the nerve to be treated passes.

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Cleaning of the canal

After extracting the pulp and disinfecting the ducts through which the nerve of the dental piece passes, we eliminate any trace of bacteria or necrotic pulp that may be in them.


Once we have properly cleaned the inside of the tooth, we fill and seal the ducts in order to avoid contact with bacteria and their infection.

Endodontics at Clínicas Den

In our clinic in Barcelona we have different treatments, depending on the patient’s needs.

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Apical microsurgery

As a consequence of different pathologies, a chronic infection can occur in the apical or periapical region of the root of the tooth. This, over time, can develop a granuloma and, sometimes, tooth cysts that may persist despite conventional endodontic treatment.

Apical microsurgery attempts to eliminate these lesions and allow the tissues surrounding the tooth to heal. Its objective is the preservation of the tooth in the place it occupies in the dental arch, maintaining proper function.

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Intentional reimplantation

When a permanent tooth cannot be treated with reendodontic treatments or apical surgery, either because of obstacles in the tooth or if when cleaning the lesion, both caries and resorption, it is necessary to make a massive destruction of the tooth to be treated, or we have important anatomical structures that could be damaged.

We have the possibility of performing a controlled extraction of the tooth, and outside the mouth perform the necessary interventions to repair it. Once completed, we can return the tooth to the same position it was in initially.

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Clinicas Den - Endodoncia en Barcelona - Autotrasplante


The loss of a tooth causes a problem for patients when they want to replace it, since on many occasions it takes a lot of time and multiple visits.

In our clinic we are committed to innovation and cutting-edge treatments, which is why we like to recommend autotransplantation, a treatment that solves the problem of tooth loss.

This innovative technique consists of placing in the place of the lost tooth, the third molar, which in most cases has no use where it is placed, and ends up being extracted.

Frequently asked questions about endodontics

When is it necessary to perform a root canal?

Above all, when the infection of the tooth has developed a cavity that begins to perforate the enamel and dentin. It is also necessary to apply this treatment in case of periodontal disease, or when the tooth is broken due to trauma.

Is it painful?

It does not hurt because we apply local anesthesia to perform the treatment. The patient may notice some discomfort or slight pain when the anesthesia wears off.

How long does a tooth with endodontics last?

The teeth that have undergone a root canal can last a lifetime, as long as the reconstruction is well done.

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