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Objectives of invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is an innovative treatment that uses transparent and removable sleeves, better known as invisible aligners, to correct the position of the teeth to achieve an optimal structure for your mouth. Unlike braces, these clear aligners are much more aesthetic and adapt easily to almost any type of mouth and dental treatment.

In invisible orthodontics, the precision and quality of the materials are as important as the professional follow-up of the treatment. Therefore, to obtain the best quality results, it is essential that the process is supervised by dentists specialized in this type of case.

Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamientos

Invisible orthodontic treatments that we offer in our clinic in Barcelona.

The medical team at Clínicas DEN is participating in the development of a new system whose aligners are going to be a before and after in the field of technology for invisible orthodontics.

We are pioneers in the use of Modjaw 4D technology, a system which, in addition to dental aesthetics, introduces into the treatment the characteristics of excellent oral functionality, because we are looking for more stable results over the years.

Our working system, thanks to 4D technology, plans the corrections of the bite and the alignment of the teeth, taking into account the real movement of your mouth. By analyzing chewing, we are able to correct both dental aesthetics and the correct functioning of the jaw.

We offer solutions according to different levels of complexity, with transparent aligners we can face from very simple cases to treatments of maximum clinical complexity.

Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamientos
Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamiento de bajo grado de complejidad

Low degree of complexity treatment

Indicated for patients who only need to make slight corrections in the structure of their mouth.

This treatment consists of a maximum of 20 aligners and is ideal for simple processes and with a very specific aesthetic purpose.

Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamiento de complejidad media

Medium complexity treatment

Consisting of up to 40 aligners, this “advanced” treatment is designed for cases in which a process that can correct deviations in the teeth derived from more complex cases is needed.

With the invisible orthodontics that we offer you in our clinic in Barcelona, you will achieve your dream of having a beautiful smile with perfect functionality of your jaw and chewing.

Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamiento de complejidad media
Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Tratamiento de alta complejidad

High complexity treatment

Thanks to the sophisticated technology that we have in our clinic, we can help you recover all the splendor of your smile, in addition to regaining perfect functionality in chewing.

This more personalized treatment is mainly indicated for severe malocclusions and corrections in the structure of the jaws that require a much more complex process and a greater number of invisible aligners.

The important thing is that you can enjoy very good dental health, no matter what your case is. Therefore, we will help you to have a healthier mouth and a perfect smile.

The best professional team in Barcelona

Our doctors are trained in the FACE therapeutic excellence protocols, the most demanding and advanced in the market.

The orthodontic department of our clinic, is directed by Dr. Alberto Canábez, professor of FACE courses at national and international level and with more than 25 years of experience in highly complex treatments.

“You want a beautiful smile and we want you to never lose it again, helping you also to correct the functionality of your jaw.”

What is FACE?

FACE (Functional and Cosmetics Excellence) is a group of orthodontists from America, Asia and Europe highly recognized worldwide for the quality of their results. At FACE and at Den Clinics we give maximum importance to the aesthetic factor, to the correct functionality of the masticatory system and to long-term results.

Clinicas DEN - Ortodoncia Invisible - Dr Alberto Canabez

Dr. Alberto Canabez – Profesor de Ortodoncia

Frequently asked questions about invisible orthodontics in Barcelona

How long does invisible orthodontic treatment last?

It depends mainly on the complexity of your case. The type of treatment and its duration will be explained to you in a specific appointment in which we will discuss the diagnosis of your case.

But, in general, although there are cases that can be treated in even shorter times, in general, orthodontic treatments with the latest generation of invisible aligners are so effective that they are usually less than those of orthodontics with braces.

How many hours a day do I have to wear the aligners?

As much time as possible. It is recommended that you wear them for a minimum of 22 hours a day, this means that you should only take them off to eat and brush your teeth.

Is this type of treatment painful?

Unlike braces, which can cause some discomfort in the patient’s mouth, this treatment produces almost no significant discomfort.

Can I drink all kinds of liquids when I have invisible aligners?

Yes, you can drink water or other types of liquids with almost no problem. However, we recommend that you remove them if you are going to drink hot liquids, such as coffee and tea, which can affect the structure of the aligners.

Try to avoid drinks such as wine, which can stain the material of your aligners, and in general, if you drink any sugary beverages, it is best to remove them, to prevent the formation of decalcifications in the teeth.

Will people notice I am wearing braces?

As they are invisible aligners, i.e. totally transparent, most people around you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

Will I see any change in the way I speak?

Your voice will hardly be altered, although you may notice some slight changes in the first few days of treatment.

You may also notice excessive salivation. But these symptoms disappear immediately, so no one will notice that you are wearing invisible aligners.

Why trust Clínicas Den?

Because we care about your dental health, we like to see you smile and that you like what you see when you look in the mirror. Our invisible orthodontic treatments go beyond achieving the correct position of the teeth.

Our sophisticated 4D computer system plans bite corrections according to the actual movement of your mouth.

You are unique and your mouth is also unique. That’s why we plan with the intention of going one step further in your dental health. We not only correct the aesthetics of your teeth, but we are also very concerned that you have a correct functionality in chewing.

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