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How do we perform oral and dental rehabilitation treatment at Clínicas Den Barcelona?

Oral rehabilitation is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the restoration and replacement of dental pieces that need to become functional and aesthetically perfect again.

Our dentists, in order to achieve the most appropriate oral rehabilitation for each clinical case, work with the best technology and the most advanced treatments.

Clinicas Den - Rehabilitacion Oral en Barcelona - Incrustaciones


Popularly known as partial crowns, the inlays that we apply in our clinic in Barcelona restore the shape and function of the posterior teeth, ensuring maximum strength and reducing the risk of fracture.

This treatment is the most appropriate to apply on posterior teeth that are badly destroyed, in addition to all endodontically decayed teeth.

Clinicas Den - Rehabilitacion Oral en Barcelona - Incrustaciones
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Ceramic crowns

We use ceramic crowns in cases where the tooth is very worn or destroyed, thus achieving a perfect aesthetic and functional result.

The elaboration of the ceramic crowns is completely digital, which achieves the maximum precision of adaptation. And the finish is manual, so we give more naturalness and similarity to the natural tooth.

CAD/CAM system (design and manufacture of crowns)

Currently, the CAD/CAM system has meant a great evolution in dentistry, since this technology has managed to make the leap from analog to digital dentistry.

Clinicas Den - Rehabilitacion Oral en Barcelona - Impresion Digital

Digital printing

Replaces cumbersome traditional printing pastes. The first step in the elaboration of a restoration is the digital impression. Through a small intraoral camera we capture a high precision 3D image that will help us to make high quality restorations.

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Computer-aided design and fabrication

The sophisticated CAD system consists of a set of computer tools that help us to design prostheses, whether veneers or implant prostheses.

And through computer-aided manufacturing, or CAM, we can produce a sleeve or other complex implant structure from the data obtained by the design software.

Undoubtedly, a system that provides a better fit and aesthetics than traditional methods.

Clinicas Den - Rehabilitacion Oral en Barcelona - Diseno Asistido Ordenador

The principles of bioesthetics, our philosophy of the Prosthodontics Department

Bioesthetics is the dental discipline that studies the beauty of living beings in their natural forms and functions. It is a process of continuous study that accepts the biological form as the basis for the function, diagnosis and rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system.

The philosophy of our clinic in Barcelona in dental rehabilitation treatments is based on the principles of Bioesthetics, a biological model developed by the famous prosthodontist, Dr. Lee.

Clinicas Den - Rehabilitacion Oral en Barcelona - Principios Bioestetica

Dr. Pablo Rial – Director Médico

Frequently asked questions about oral and dental rehabilitation

What is better, a fixed prosthesis or an implant?

It is not a question of concluding whether one treatment or the other is better, because it all depends on the patient’s current situation and the diagnosis made by the oral and dental rehabilitation specialist.

There are patients who do not meet the appropriate conditions for a dental implant, and then a fixed prosthesis should be used. This decision should always be made after a correct previous diagnosis.

How long do crowns, bridges and dental prostheses last?

The duration of these treatments is very relative, since it depends on the patient’s care and habits. In any case, we always recommend annual check-ups, this helps to prolong the patient’s oral rehabilitation treatment.

What care does a removable prosthesis require?

Follow the indications of the specialist. However, proper hygiene is the best care for your removable prosthesis. Brush your teeth and the prosthesis after every meal, and once a day clean the prosthesis with a special brush and a little toothpaste.

What happens if I spend too much time without the prosthesis on?

It is not good for you to spend too much time with the prosthesis removed. The teeth that are around the space occupied by the prosthesis tend to move into the gap, invading it, which will make it impossible to place and/or create a new one.

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