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What are the techniques of dental aesthetics that we offer in our clinic in Barcelona?

There are several cosmetic dentistry techniques that we offer in our clinic in Barcelona. The doctors, specialists in this area of dentistry, will determine the best treatment that will give you back a perfect smile.

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Digital smile design

Digital technology is one of the most widely used tools in dentistry today. We were pioneers in its implementation, we have been digitizing treatments in our clinic in Barcelona for more than 10 years.

By using photographs, 3D scans and different computer programs, we are able to design your desired smile. The 4D digital design allows us to define the ideal result, returning virtually the shape, color and position that corresponds to your smile.

We can make this design real with a test called Mock up 4D, which allows us to create the mock up of the final work. If you like it and you are happy, you have the guarantee that the final work will be identical, but with the natural finishes provided by the final materials.

Clinicas Den Estetica Dental Diseno Digital Sonrisa
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Conservative Dentistry

The treatment of teeth with cavities or defects due to fracture or wear is known as conservative dentistry. For its realization, we use composite resins with the same color of the tooth.

The objective of this technique is to restore the aesthetic form and functionality that the tooth had before presenting the problem. It is a very simple treatment where we clean the defective surface of the tooth, and once we have reached the healthy part of the tooth, we reconstruct it under isolation to ensure the best adhesion of the material.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that removes stains from the patient’s teeth.

The teeth whitening technique that we apply in our Clínicas in Barcelona, consists of the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel on the tooth enamel, which is then activated with a cold light system.

During the application of the treatment, all areas adjacent to the tooth, such as the gum and areas near the root, are protected with an insulating material.

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Some origins of stains on teeth:

  • Intrinsic, that is, they are part of the tooth. Within this type of stains we have pre-eruptive stains, which are those that are already in the child’s tooth, even before they appear. They appear as a consequence of taking certain medications (tetracyclines) in childhood.
  • There are also post-eruptive intrinsic stains, which are those that appear once the tooth has grown. They usually appear after endodontic treatment or as a consequence of trauma.
  • Extrinsic: these are stains that disappear with a simple polishing of the tooth.

The aesthetics of our smile is an important part of our image, which is why more and more people are requesting the rehabilitation and whitening of their teeth.

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Clinicas Den - Estetica Dental - Carillas Dentales

Veneers for dental esthetics

Dental veneers are a dental procedure whose purpose is to aesthetically improve the teeth that we show when we smile.

In our clinic we have these 2 types of veneers:

  • Ceramic veneers: with a very durable result over time, ceramic veneers are always kept just as bright and with the same color as the first day, since it is a material that does not age.

In order to implement this technique on the teeth, we design the final result on the patient’s own tooth. It is this restoration that provides the shape, length and color desired by the patient, always preserving the original tooth as much as possible.

  • Composite restorations and veneers: composite is an alternative to porcelain veneers. Also known as dental staining, it is applied in layers on the front surface of the tooth.

We use this technique to correct minor imperfections, such as fractures, stains or permanent color changes, as well as minor crowding, in addition to closing interdental spaces.

The result of this technique mimics all the layers of the patient’s natural tooth. The latest generation composites that we use in our clinic in Barcelona have different masses that mimic the enamel and dentin, with different opacities and translucency.

Frequently asked questions about dental aesthetics

How long do dental veneers last?

These dental aesthetic treatments last an average of 10 to 15 years. There is a general misconception that people think that dental veneers have to be reconstructed almost continuously.

Keep in mind that the duration also depends on the lifestyle habits you have, since the continued consumption of coffee, tea, in addition to snuff, accelerate the deterioration of the veneers.

Do dental veneers require special care?

Veneers can come off when you are not careful with your teeth. Avoid biting on hard things or breaking things with your mouth. This can give you an upset, peeling or deteriorating your dental veneer.

When a porcelain veneer peels off or breaks, the only solution is to put in a new one. In the case of composite veneers, it is easier to repair them without the need to put a new one, although it all depends on how deteriorated they are.

If I have my teeth whitened, how long does the effect last?

The effect of a teeth whitening treatment can last for more than 2 years, as long as you follow the hygiene and care instructions of your specialist.

If the effects disappear before this time, it is always advisable not to repeat the treatment until at least one year has passed.

I have heard that teeth whitening damages teeth, is it true?

No, dental aesthetic treatments that consist of teeth whitening do not damage the enamel. They manage to eliminate the agents that cause stains while maintaining the enamel in its optimal state.

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