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Clinicas Den - Filosofia FACE

The FACE philosophy

In our dental clinic in Barcelona we elaborate our diagnoses in a very exhaustive way, based on all these treatment objectives: facial and dental aesthetics, functional occlusion, articular and periodontal health, as well as offering you long-term stability.

Clinicas Den - Tecnologia DEN

The Den technology

We analyze digitally and in real time your mouth and jaw movement in a 4D vision. Thanks to our advanced technological equipment we can perform very precise treatments, with which you get excellent results in your oral health and aesthetics.

Clinicas Den - Pasion por nuestro trabajo

The passion for our work

We love to see you smile! In Den clinics we have a human and professional team that has more than 25 years of experience in the dental sector and that is always involved to the maximum in each and every step of the treatment of their patients.

Ortodoncia Invisible - Clínica dental en Barcelona

These are some of the treatments we offer at our dental clinic in Barcelona

Implante Dental Barcelona


Have you lost a tooth due to decay, trauma or periodontal disease? Do you have a dental prosthesis, but you notice that it is starting to move and you no longer feel it as comfortable as before? The solution to these problems are dental implants, they act as substitutes for the root of the tooth and, at the same time, help prevent the natural deterioration of the jaw bone that often cause the lack of any of your dental prostheses.

Clinicas Den Estetica Dental Home

Dental Aesthetic

Do you like seeing a radiant smile every time you look in the mirror? A healthy mouth and a beautiful smile increase people’s happiness exponentially. Digital smile design, we invite you to discover all our dental aesthetic treatments. From the hand of our dentists, you will be surprised to see the simplicity and speed with which you can regain your oral health and see yourself much more flattering in front of the mirror.

Clinicas Den - Ortodoncia y ATM Home

Orthodontics y TMD

Do you have bite problems? Do you feel that your teeth are separating over time? Does your child’s teeth are a bit crowded? All these symptoms can lead to medium or long term oral health problems, resulting in gum inflammation or tension and pain in the jaw. An orthodontic treatment helps you to keep your mouth healthy, aligning your teeth, balancing your jaw and the pressure of your bite.

Clinicas Den - Odontopediatria Home

Pediatry Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are the specialists who take care of children’s oral health, from early childhood to adolescence. Learn about our exclusive preventive program “Caries 0”, where we will accompany you throughout the process of development of your children’s mouth. Under the supervision of the professionals of our clinic, children will always enjoy good teeth and better oral health.

Clínica dental Barcelona - Doctores
Dr. Alberto Canabez Medical Director Dr. Pablo Rial Medical Director

More than 25 years of experience

Our passion for medicine led us to join forces in 1999, with the aim of offering the highest quality dentistry in Barcelona.

After years of specialization and continuous training we started working at Clínica Teknon.

Subsequently, our time in the direction of the Dentistry Service of the acquired brain injury unit (UDCA) of the Hospital Plató private Foundation of Barcelona, where we treated patients of maximum therapeutic complexity, encouraged us to move to Via Augusta and, in 2008, to found our own dental clinic.

Since then, as dentists specializing in orthodontics, TMD and oral aesthetics, at Clínicas Den we have helped more than 12 thousand patients, giving them back their smile and helping them to have a much happier and healthier life.

What do patients think of our dental clinic in Barcelona?

Clinicas Den - Testimonios - Marc Rabat

Marc Rabat

“I have been a patient at Clínicas Den for years. I have had everything from braces to dental implants. I am delighted, both with the medical team and the professional receptionists.”

Clinicas Den - Testimonios - Mariela Quiroga

Mariela Quiroga

“I am undergoing orthodontic treatment for a TMD problem. I am very satisfied with the results I am getting and the treatment at a professional level is excellent.”

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