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In our clinic in Barcelona we want your children to grow up healthy and with a beautiful smile. With our preventive pediatric dentistry treatments, a pediatric dentist will take care of the health of their teeth from their first year of life until adolescence.

Our pediatric dentists offer personalized treatment to their young patients.

Childhood is the time when children should acquire the habits that will mark their whole life. Learning proper oral hygiene will help them to have an excellent oral health, preventing a great number of complications derived from poor hygiene.

Therefore, one of our responsibilities as parents is to supervise and supervise the brushing of our children’s teeth, at least until they are 8 years old.

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Individual assessment of your baby’s caries risk

A simple white spot on the tooth can be the origin of a cavity or is usually an indication of demineralization of the tooth. And if it is not treated in time, it will eventually turn into a characteristic brown color, accompanied by a break that opens the cavity in the tooth enamel.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Sandra Cardona, advises you on the best frequency with which you should go with your baby to our pediatric dentistry department in Barcelona. Because good prevention will ensure that their teeth grow healthy and strong.

Caries 0 Program! Pediatric Dentistry in Clínicas DEN

You already know that a cavity is an infectious disease whose origin is an excessive consumption of sugar. The bacteria that appear destroy the tooth causing, among other things, a demineralization of this.

When a child suffers a cavity in their baby teeth and it is not detected by a pediatric dentist in time, it can have negative consequences on the growth and development of the permanent teeth.

Because, as you know, children’s first teeth, which grow in their first 6 months of life and last until they are 6 or 7 years old, are responsible for many of the functions that allow the development of the muscles and bones of the jaw, as well as speech.

They are also responsible for chewing and serve as a guide for the permanent teeth. Therefore, when a cavity appears in baby teeth and is not treated, the consequences can be very unpleasant in the long term.

In our Caries 0 Program we carry out a series of specific and personalized treatments, always accompanied by all these guidelines.

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Individualized caries prevention plan

Taking into account the oral hygiene habits and diet of the young patient, as well as his or her family environment, our doctors draw up a personalized plan in which the risk factors for caries disease are determined.

From this moment on, we elaborate the guidelines to be followed by the child to prevent the appearance of caries.

The definitive plan is made up of 4 lessons that the child should incorporate into his or her daily habits: brushing technique, type and amount of toothpaste, type of interproximal hygiene and the need for mouthwashes.

In addition, we advise parents on other habits that intervene in oral development, such as the use of the pacifier, bottle, breathing, etc.

Clinicas Den - Odontopediatria - Prevencion de Caries
Clinicas Den - Odontopediatria en Barcelona - Tratamiento Preventivo Bebe

Preventive treatment in baby-friendly areas

This treatment is similar to the previous one and is focused on the baby’s development. After exploring the baby’s mouth, we evaluate dental eruption along with occlusion and the possible presence of oral alterations.

Also, we advise parents on non-nutritive sucking habits, such as the use of pacifiers, in addition to oral hygiene guidelines.

And after identifying the risk of caries, we determine the introduction and type of food along with the presence and frequency of sugar consumption.

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Monitoring the eruption of baby teeth and permanent teeth

The eruption of teeth is a process associated with their growth. It consists of the displacement of the tooth from its internal position until it reaches its definitive and functional place in the mouth.

In Clínicas Den, our pediatric dentists control this process both in the first milk teeth and in the permanent teeth of your children.

Clinicas Den - Odontopediatria en Barcelona - Dientes de leche
Clinicas Den - Odontopediatria - Charlas informativas a padres y madres

Informative talks to parents

We know that oral health and its correct development is one of the major concerns of parents. For this reason, all our doctors inform you with complete transparency, explaining all the details of the dental development of children, as well as guidelines for good prevention.

For example, there is our advice on baby habits, such as the use of pacifiers or how to act if they suck their thumbs.

Frequently asked questions about Pediatric Dentistry

When should I see a pediatric dentist for the first time?

The best age to start coming with your baby to our clinic in Barcelona is when he/she turns 1 year old, approximately.

This is the best time to start prevention, while the little one gets used to dental visits and the habits he/she will have to acquire as he/she grows up.

When my child's teeth move, should I help them to fall out sooner?

It is not good to pull out your child’s teeth prematurely, even if they move a lot. This should be left in the hands of your pediatric dentist, who will only do it on exceptional occasions.

What should I do if my little one sucks his thumb?

In the face of this habit acquired by your baby, our doctors advise you on what you can do to eliminate it. It is not good for him to suck his thumb because the sucking he does with his mouth can deform his jaws and even his face.

At what age do baby teeth begin loose?

There is no specific age. Some children begin to lose their baby teeth at 4 years of age, while others do not begin to lose their baby teeth until they are 7 or 8 years old.

The pediatric dentists at our dental clinic in Barcelona will examine your little one and you will know at all times when the ideal time to call the tooth fairy will come.

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